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29ers at ASC

ASC has a progression of centreboard classes to suit all levels and ages. The 29er is a double handed skiff that offers high performance and a huge amount of fun. The 29er is listed as a youth boat and while it is certainly a skiff that leads into the 49er if people want to progress that way it is also an excellent boat for adult who are looking for a reasonably priced skiff that's fun to sail. It's built from standard materials (like fibreglass and aluminium) so it's cheap to repair; it's very 'over built' so is considered a bit underpowered by some (not me!) but that makes it strong and robust. This is a boat that you can keep for a long time if that's the sort of sailing that you want to do.

This youtube video shows what it's like to sail a 29er.

This is a class of skiff that suits a combined crew weight of 110-150kg and isn't a class for novice sailors. If you're ready for a challenge this could be a class for you. We race in a combined fleet on Sunday afternoons with RPAYC and BYRA and usually have 5-6 29ers in each race. ASC is committed to class development and provides coaching to all our centreboard classes, 29ers being no exception and we've had some world class coaches help us with our sailing.

There is some scope to store your boat at ASC (fees apply) and there is an active 2nd hand market for 29ers so you should be able to purchase one that would suit your budget. If you'd like to find out more, or go out for a test sail with one of our friendly 29er crews then please get in touch with the Class Captain below:


Ralf Moller 8919 0149

Richard Dooley 0409 504 299