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Why pick Sailing ?

There are many good reasons ...


You get to participate in a sport out on the water, in a glorious part of the world ... Pittwater.

Some people pay millions of dollars to look at what you are doing ... for virtually nothing.

Sailing does not have to be expensive, there are some costs, but way less than what you may think.

Sailing often involves more than 1 person and the friendships shared can be pretty special

Sailing involves working with others, sorting out what works and doing it. ... developing lifelong skills.

Amongst the children there is a wide age range and they sail ... together,

the older kids tend to act as mentors to the younger ones while the younger kids look up in awe at the older ones.


Sailing requires learning independance, you make decisions and they impact on what happens next.

Problems need to be solved ... and they are.

When you get it "right", you know that you can do it ... nobody needs to tell you, it is exciting.


Fitness and balance are important but success comes from observation and knowledge.

There is always more to learn.


People often start sailing age 7 and some aren't anywhere near finished at 70


Come and visit a sailing club to say hello.