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Amended Sailing Instructions for Yachts

With Couta Boats joining us for sailing on Sundays, please find link SI to the amended Sailing Instructions. These Sailing Instructions are effective from 30 November 2017.

The key changes are:
• For scratch starts in Koolong and Retriever, Couta Boats to sail under Division 3, number 3 pennant in a separate scratch start (at 12:45pm first signal, subject to postponement), using the same course as rest of fleet.
• For handicap starts for Avalon, Quartet Bowl and Winter Series, Couta Boats to sail under Division 1 with all of the other yachts.
• Rule 44.1 applies without amendment when sailing in Division 1. For Division 3 only, rule 44.1 is amended with part penalty turns if taken voluntarily (this will only apply to Couta Boats in Division 3 of Retriever and Koolong)
• Eligibility to race requirements have been added with clauses 2.2 and 2.3 in SI

Yacht Sailing Instructions (as amended Nov 2017)

Please note, as set out in amended SI, that the Division 3 will start before Division 1.