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List of Yachts for 2017~2018 Season (so far) :

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David Boyd
Yacht CruisingPower boatPower boatSandy IIIBob Vickers
Yacht CruisingPower boatTimber Cruiser 37ftGlory BElle Taylor
Yacht CruisingPower boatJessie GGlenn Attrill
Yacht CruisingPower boatArgosGlenn Attrill
Yacht CruisingPower boatHalvorsenTrinaPeter Kidner
Yacht CruisingYacht37ft TimberPioneerBrent Howell
Yacht CruisingYachtFontaine Pajot 40PoupreDave Hyde
Yacht CruisingYachtHalverson 26NoreenGary O'Neill
Yacht CruisingYachtCatamaran, Lagoon 470Bella VitaKingsley Forbes-Smith
Yacht CruisingYachtDufour 385 Grande LargeFolieMartin Okkes
Yacht CruisingYachtCustomFaoileanMorgan Roche
Yacht CruisingYachtHutton 28'MistiqueNigel Greenwood
Yacht CruisingYachtAdams 42Rascal TooYPaul Sinclair
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau 409MirageRichard Gay
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau DS50Blanche SilhouetteRobert Birch
Yacht CruisingYachtLagoon 400Le ReveSam Howell
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauNonchalantSven Peters
Yacht CruisingYachtS & S 381023Kate KellyJames (Jim) Flaye
Yacht CruisingYachtSeawind 1160116024LocationBrett Hodder
Yacht CruisingYachtWright 321441MaramaYTom Coventry
Yacht CruisingYachtBavaria 3217VelaFalko Thiele
Yacht CruisingYachtTop Hat3881RebHarry Maltman
Yacht CruisingYachtPhantom 324181DanaePhilip Buck
Yacht CruisingYachtNorthshore 384417WatercolourBruce Potts
Yacht CruisingYachtCavalier 355172BelamiDavid Baker
Yacht CruisingYachtYoung 885808Forever YoungYPeter Wesley
Yacht CruisingYachtX-436698PazzescoYPeter Cotton
Yacht CruisingYachtHanse 4008242LibertyYRalf Moller
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau 42DS9969GuinevereYPaul Westcott
Yacht CruisingYachtHunter 376B376AraluenYRoss Butler
Yacht CruisingYachtCouta BoatC80SylviaLarry Eastwood
Yacht CruisingYachtTimber cutterJB375NThystleBram Meakins
Yacht CruisingYachtEasterley (Compass)KA1988NRemyArthur Hoyle
Yacht CruisingYachtJ24KA28Traffic JamMichael Eaton
Yacht CruisingYachtDufour 385PH385ValhallaYRoman Zwolenski
Yacht CruisingYachtKaufman 50SM1999ScoundrelMerrick (Rick) Hall
Yacht CruisingYacht Total36
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentYMerrick (Rick) Hall
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentYPaul Westcott
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1165GreyBeardYMalcolm Bradford
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1312WimmeraYIan Craig
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS732CazBarYUwe Statz
Yacht RacingYachtTriton 281589IngaBrian Milton
Yacht RacingYachtTimpenny3353IlukaYDiane Mattes
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 883878Young GenerationNorm Field
Yacht RacingYachtNorthshore3927LauraYDavid Boyd
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiYRitchie Venn
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiYRoss Trembath
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IIYChad Leggett
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76099DiabloYJean Cross
Yacht RacingYachtStewart 346401PanchaxYStephen Parker
Yacht RacingYachtBavaria 446439ChillYRobert Torning
Yacht RacingYachtEast Coast 316711Summer WineYBrett Stapleton
Yacht RacingYachtGib Sea 33 Sloop6852GoldfingerYDavid Evans
Yacht RacingYachtBavaria 386854ShibumiYSimon Player
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76920Beau SoleilYRobert Batchelor
Yacht RacingYachtSunfast 32007159Chaos TheoryYKarl Nielsen
Yacht RacingYachtTraditional 307166High JinksYBarry Black
Yacht RacingYachtJeanneau So3498349XenaYToni Fox
Yacht RacingYachtSayer 439211VamonosJim Dargaville
Yacht RacingYachtEtchellsAUS1084BangallaYMartin Hickling
Yacht RacingYachtCouta BoatC117CariadYJames George
Yacht RacingYacht Total25
Yacht TotalsOverall62